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When “American History X” came out 20 years ago, part of its appeal was exotic. At the time, Neo-Nazis still seemed an outlandish, subterranean The White Crow believe-it-or-not element in society. But the fact-inspired “Skin” arrives in a very different landscape, where white supremacists are coming out of the woodwork — running for political office, mainstreaming their rhetoric, providing “dog whistles” to the faithful on national TV.

Israeli director Guy Nattiv’s first U.S. feature is based on the experiences of one Bryon Widner, who gained attention (and was the subject of a 2011 documentary, “Erasing Hate”) for breaking from his white-power background and having the related tattoos A Family Tour that covered his body (and face) removed at tortuous length. Played by Jamie Bell — with a major assist from “makeup, tattoos, and prosthetic designer” Stevie Bettles — Widner’s story here is essentially one of painful tie-severing from an unhealthy subculture, with limited insight into that culture itself. It’s a narrow treatment of a now pressingly relevant subject, but one that still rewards as a powerful, well-acted tale of personal redemption.

First met leading the charge when his “brothers” clash with anti-fascist demonstrators in 2005 Columbus, Ohio — and facially mutilating one young black man Awaken the Shadowman he corners in an alley — Bell’s Byron is the golden boy of a “Viking” skinhead group headed by Fred “Hammer” Krager (Bill Camp) and wife Shareen (Vera Farmiga). This couple treat Byron as their own son, when in fact he’s just another vulnerable stray from a dysfunctional family that they picked up, gave a “family,” and groomed for participation in white supremacist activities — which seem to consist largely of sex, booze, and rock ’n’ roll. Plus, of course, the occasional harassment of those outsiders they perceive as being less-than-pure.

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