Secret Santa
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Secret Santa

It combines the irreverent humor with over-the-top gore to create something truly remarkable. The film starts off as with a series of comedic beats intermixed with the opening credits as we meet a very dysfunctional family on their way to celebrate Christmas Eve together. You have the overbearing mother (Debra Sullivan), the angry at the world sister (Ryan Leigh Seaton), the over-sexed step brother (Nathan Hedrick), the money grubbing aunt (Pat Destro), the racist uncle (Curtis Fortier), the philandering father (John Gilbert), the reserved brother (Drew Lynch) and the prefect child putting the whole thing together (A. Leslie Kies). Mix them all together with their assorted dates, catering staff and a dash of alcohol and you’ve got the set up for a hilarious comedy… and then Marcus adds in a horror twist and an over-the-top amount of violence and gore that pairs perfectly with the humor.

There are some really stand out performances here as well. Lynch brings an amazing amount of heart as possibly the only innocent in the room. Michelle Renee Allaire also stands out as the step-brothers date and far more than she appears. Hedrick is so despicable you have to love him. And Sullivan’s performance as the family matriarch makes you believe all these other horrible people could exist.

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Secret Santa