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A deadbeat white-collar worker who forever beavers away in the lower rungs, Ichiro Inuyashiki (Noritake Kinashi) is what the Japanese commonly refer to as hirashain. His boss verbally abuses him at work, while at home, his wife and two teenage kids Mari (Ayaka Miyoshi) and Takeshi (Nayuta Fukuzaki) despise him. Although he has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, his family is so apathetic, he can’t even grab their attention to break the news.

After moving to a cramped suburban house (his name ironically means “dog-mansion”), he takes in abandoned mutt Hanako. One evening, while walking the cute Shiba-inu in the park, he’s blinded by an unnatural light. When he regains consciousness, nothing seems amiss until he drinks miso soup for breakfast, causing mechanical components like turbo cylinders and gun barrels to jut out of his body. Not only is his cancer gone, but he even has the power to heal any sickness.

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